Ham Off the Bone

No one can imitate our true off the bone ham flavor

Cured on the bone is the only way to make a “Ham Off the Bone” Product.
We start with lean select fresh hams – no frozen raw material is used in our process.

We firmly believe ham is a selection of Natural Ham (rear leg) Muscles, not parts and pieces of pork portions or ground pork trimmings randomly selected from the entire hog. Likewise we do not use cereal fillers, MSG, gluten or other allergens in our products. We hand cure every “Ham Off the Bone” ham.

We actually cure the ham on the bone. Our process gives the ham the truest ham flavor! Processing in this manner avoids the disruption of natural muscles and real ham confirmation.

In the 1980’s a customer declared to us that, “This really tastes like ‘Ham right off the bone’.”

The nick name “Ham Off The Bone” was exacting and made perfect sense so we stayed with it. While most processors opt for automated production methods, such as vaccum stuffing we still hand stuff each ham. Muscle placement is important to true ham appearance, texture and slicing. We really cook our hickory smoke hams in a smoke house and do not use artificial coloring or colored films to imitate a real smoked ham appearance. While other processors have opted for more automated methods of ham production, Cedar Hollow remains true to processing hams the traditional way.

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